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The best WOTLK Classic game is probably the one you think it is WOTLK Gold. Keep in mind that we're only featuring mainline games that released in North America and Europe, and we've excluded spin-offs such as WOTLK Classic Stories. Also, it's a great time to dive into WOTLK Classic on PC or Switch ahead of the big Sunbreak expansion that releases this summer.

The original WOTLK Classic on PlayStation introduced players to the series’ loot-driven, beast-slaying gameplay… but people just didn’t understand it at the time. In many ways, the original WOTLK Classic plays just like any other game in the main seriYou take on hunting quests from a village hub, head out into large arena-like maps where you bag and tag your prey, then head back to town to upgrade your gear with the bits and bob carved from the monster’s hide. Repeat until you beat the game.

This gameplay loop was reminiscent of other popular series like WOTLK Classic and Phantasy Star Online, but Capcom’s first attempt was riddled with issues. Audience expectations were part of the problem; players and critics struggled with the slow combat that emphasized long fights against single large enemies rather than hordes of baddies, tedious resource management, and grindy crafting system.

While these elements are now seen as hallmarks of the series, they simply weren’t fully realized yet. If you played WOTLK Classic today, it’d be difficult to tell what parts of the cumbersome gameplay were intentional, and which were janky mishaps. Yet despite these setbacks, many players stuck with the first WOTLK Classic long enough for cheap WOTLK Classic Gold the addictive gameplay loop to click, and the game sold well enough to warrant several sequels that refined the series into the worldwide success it is today.
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